Craftsmanship is a hallmark of all hand built machines and the Spirra is no exception.
Supercars are emotional machines that have a rare gift in it’s ability to interact with humans.
The human hands that assemble these amazing cars take a great part in creating this connection between the driver and machine.

Each Spirra is completely hand assembled by our team of professional craftsmen and mechanics in our dedicated production line.
This production method ensures that each car meets our strict requirements in quality and precision. No car ever leaves the factory imperfect.

The cockpit is visually the most obvious place to see that the Spirra is hand made.
Like the rest of the car, performance is the most prominent theme inside with race spec 4 point harness seatbelts,
Recaro seats, a Momo steering wheel and of course, the manual transmission.

It’s a very functional design which is entirely wrapped in hand stitched, high quality leather to balance performance and luxury.

Less visual features of hand assembly are the tubular spaceframe chassis which requires every weld done manually.

As well as the carbon fiber body which is laid, layer by layer, entirely by hand.

This type of production method is impossible to duplicate for mass manufacturing and is a unique way to how hand made cars are built.
It represents the Spirra’s relentless pursuit for quality and attention to detail.

The Spirra is our first of many future generations of supercars. Therefore, our efforts are to concentrate in ensuring that
our standards meet the expectation of our clients who are eagerly awaiting to sit behind the wheel.
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