Full carbonfiber bodywork over tubular spaceframe chassis

To meet our own performance standards, the Spirra had to be constructed as light as possible through a full
carbonfiber body over a tubular spaceframe.

Both are technologies beyond the realm of mass manufacturing due to high costs and difficulties in automation essential for mass manufacturing.
The entire process is done by hand by our team of professional craftsmen and mechanics.

The benefits from all this effort is a very light and stiff construction which is useful for responsive high performance
capabilities as well as providing superior impact protection to match the performance the Spirra is capable of.

This type of technology is adapted from the aerospace industry to automobiles and is a completely a unique approach
to vehicle development compared to the existing Korean auto industry.

V6 Turbo engines for superior power to weight ratio

The stiff lightweight construction meant that we could rely less on the engine’s power for performance to become a more efficient kind of performance machine. During development, the engine was changed from a naturally aspirated V8 for a turbocharged V6 specifically for the V6′s compact, lightweight design.

This would keep the engine’s weight down to a minimum while our turbo design would provide V8 levels of power as well as being kinder to the environment. Combining the lightweight construction with our turbocharged V6 results in an astonishing 2.4Kg/HP power to weight ratio.

This design not only yields very quick straightline performance, it absolutely dominates in the corners with less weight to throw around. Extra grip is provided by 225/40R 18 front tires and 275/40R 18 rear tires.

Motorsports proven performance and engineering

Many of the technologies incorporated in the Spirra are derived from racing technology. The Spirra was developed with serious performance in mind and in order to make sure this design is completely functional, racing was part of the car’s development program.

We took one of our prototypes with minimal homologation changes to race in the domestic GT Masters Championship taking two consecutive wins and many podium finishes against such rivals as fully race prepared Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs, BMW M3s and Nissan 350Zs.

Experience from racing was applied back to our road car development resulting a faster, more responsive and durable machine. Several significant changes were made to the Spirra’s aerodynamics, cooling and the spaceframe chassis.
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