There’s no point in speed if a supercar is unable to make people’s heart race. Supercars are irrational, emotional cars and from the very first glimpse, it must be able to steal your heart even as it is parked sleeping at the side of the road as if it would pounce at the moment it is provoked.

A dominating presence is the key to supercar design and we worked hard to achieve a look like nothing else from this country. The design took several significant revisions during development ranging from wild looks to experimental ones. The final production design exhibits visual restraint despite being a supercar. It is a universally appealing design that will be considered attractive in any region or culture.

The Spirra’s sculpture is aggressive in stance and proportion, with it’s carbonfiber body shrink wrapped around the compact dimensions of the car’s mechanical components. The surface work is such that it looks as if it would explode if provoked.
The sculpture work alone is enough to express the athletic character of the Spirra.

And yet, despite the visual sculptural aggression, shapes such as the headlights and window graphics are more restrained.
In terms of human perception,
shapes are easier to recognize than sculpture which makes the Spirra easy to the eye but hard to forget.

The Spirra is more of a car that feels different than something shocking to look at. Even at first glance,
the Spirra feels something different. Different from mass produced cars anyone can buy from anywhere.
Each Spirra is exclusive to the owner and purposely built through hand assembly promising an exclusive ownership experience as well.
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