The history of the Spirra dates back to the beginning of the 1990s when Han-chul Kim and his wife Ji-sun Choi,
both talented automotive experts, quit their jobs in leading Korean car companies to establish ‘Proto Motors’.

Proto Motors was an automotive R&D firm specializing in developing advanced automotive
concepts with industry clients and soon after settling down as a startup, ideas for a domestic
developed supercar started to blossom.

Over several years, what began as an enthusiastic set of ideas developed into a full blown development project. In 2001,
the ‘PS-II’ prototype was presented to the press with full commitment to bring it into production.

The difficulties in establishing a small scale, hand built production line of such exotic cars in an industry purely adapted to
mass production was so great, the project saw several crisis that would nearly force it to a halt.

In July, 2006, Dong-hyuk Park, CEO of Oullim Group established Oullim Motors, absorbed Proto Motors and reshuffled
the project to keep in on course for launch. In the end, it took a decade, 4 generations of complete re-engineering,
certification and rewriting of legislature to bring our dream to the road.
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